Welcome to Lavender and Kangaroos

Thank you for visiting our site and welcome!
This site is here for 2 reasons.
One reason is that it is an outlet for our Lavender Oil.
The other reason is to provide information about kangaroos.
You will read here how the 2 are linked!

What makes our Naroomba® Lavender Oil so special? It is blessed by the kangaroos!
Our 3000 acre (1700ha) farm is a sanctuary for kangaroos ♥. We rescue and raise young kangaroos (joeys) and then when they are older and ready, they go out to the wild. You can read about our kangaroos and our farm at our Sponsoroo website  – where people can sponsor (adopt) one too. There are lots of photos and information about kangaroos there, as well as the information on this site’s page Kangaroos. Our kangaroos graze round the lavender and bounce through the lavender! Often they are there when we are harvesting the lavender. In the header above, they are some of our Red and Grey kangaroos amongst our lavender bushes.

Our Lavender Oil is certified organic, it is grown on our farm which has been organic since 1998, absolutely no chemicals have been near the lavender area since then and maybe before that. We distil the flowers here into the Lavender Oil and Lavender Water, it is totally pure with absolutely nothing added or taken away.

Naroomba® Lavender Oil is sold in 10ml bottles and it is $13 AUD (Australian) for each bottle. The cost of postage is going to vary depending on how many bottles you order, because of weight, and also where in the world the package has to go!
For example:- within Australia (as of June 2014):
* 1 - 12 bottles will cost $7.20 AUD in postage, (it is in the weight range of 1 – 500gm) plus the cost of the Australia Post padded bag!
Instructions for ordering:- (as of June 2014)
If you are wanting to buy 1 bottle and posting within Australia, the cost would be $13 + $7.20 + $1.05 for postage so the total cost would be $21.25 .
If you are wanting to buy 4 bottles and posting within Australia, the cost would be
4 x $13 = $52 plus $7.20 + $1.10 for postage, so the total cost would be $60.30 (AUD).
1 Work out how many bottles you would like (you might buy some as gifts as well) and X that number by $13. Add on the postage $ (send us a message in the Contact Form below and we will reply to you very quickly).
 Click on the Buy Now button under the picture of our bottle of oil on the right hand side of this page…… → → → →
3 A window will open saying “Your order summary”
4  Where it says
Item Price: you type 60.30 (you don’t need to type $) – if you are buying 4 bottles
5 Click on Update
6 The window will change and it will say:
Item total $60.30 AUD
7 In the same window you can log into your PayPal account, fill out the details and pay.
You will type in your contact details and postal address details there.
8 We will receive a Notification of Payment email and will then happily process and send your order!
9 It might be a good idea, as a backup, to also send us a message through the Contact Form below, letting us know how many bottles you are ordering and the postal details and we will reply to you very quickly.

If  you are wanting us to post your order outside Australia:
Unless our Australia Post charges change, which they do without warning!!.. as of June 2014
For parcels, the minimum price that Australia Post charges is the same for any parcel that weighs from 1gm to 250gm.  So that is the weight range for 1 to 6 bottles of our Lavender Oil. 
From Australia there are 8 different Postal Zones with different costs. For more details, if you wish to know you can go to the Australia Post website and see their extensive table!
However, here are a couple of examples:-
 To send up to 6 bottles by Air to USA and Canada the post charge = $14.10(AUD)
To send up to 6 bottles by Air to UK and European countries, post charge = $18.20(AUD)

To order:-
Click on the Buy Now button under the picture of our bottle of oil on the right hand side of this page…… → → → →
Follow the Instructions for ordering as written above, OR….
Please let us know through the Contact Form below, your contact details, how many bottles you would like and the postal address to where the order is to be sent. We will reply to your email almost straightaway (our customer service is excellent – but please allow for time differences if you are overseas!) and we will let you know the amount it will cost including postage.
You will then:-  

Follow the Instructions for ordering:- (as above)

If you would like to know more about our Lavender Oil and all the reasons why people love it and why it makes such a special gift, just ask us to send you more information. In the meantime, please see our page Lavender Oil  for some information about Lavender Oil and its uses.

If you are looking for more information about kangaroos, please send us a message through the Contact Form also. We would love to hear your pressing questions about kangaroos because we are writing a book and we would like to know what it is that people are mostly searching for about these fascinating and wonderful animals. That is the other main reason for this site. We have been raising kangaroos♥, living with them and studying them since 1990 and feel totally blessed to have had that opportunity. We hope you enjoy reading the information on the Kangaroos page on this site!